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Plastic Skipping Ropes [Pack of 6]

High-quality plastic skipping ropes for schools & home use. Meausuring 7ft long, these skipping ropes can be used by children & adults. Coming with HDPE handles for comforatble & effective grip. Pack of 6 available in an assortment of colours.

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  • Measures 7ft (2.2m) in length
  • Skipping rope with 5mm diameter


  • Rope: Ultra-durable coloured PVC
  • Handles: Hard-wearing high-density polyethylene


  • Lead free materials tested by Intertek/TUK
  • Available in an assortment of colours
  • Available as a pack of 6
Lightweight and Durable Plastic Skipping Rope

The ultimate skipping rope for all exercise. Measuring 7ft (2.2m) in length and manufactured from a number of different durable materials, this jump rope combines high-performance with unrivalled longevity. With excellent grip and lightweight design, this plastic jump rope can be used for boxing, crossfit and double dutch.

  • Lightweight jump rope measures 7ft (2.2m) in length and 5mm thick
  • Skipping rope manufactured from ultra-durable PVC
  • Skipping rope handles manufactured from high-strength HDPE
  • Uses lead free material that has been tested by Intertek/TUV
  • Available as a pack of 6 in an assortment of colours

Manufactured from a number of hard-wearing materials, this light skipping rope offers high-performance year after year without a compromise in quality. With a rope crafted from vibrantly coloured PVC and handles crafted from robust HDPE, this lightweight jump rope is suitable for use in any weather condition. The plastic jump rope handles offer excellent grip in the worst of weather conditions and ensure consistent performance. Measuring 7ft (2.2m) long, this piece of exercise equipment is suitable for use as a jump rope for kids and adults.

This skipping rope for kids and adults provides exceptional performance in a number of different activities. This long jump rope is suitable for use for crossfit, boxing, double dutch and individual casual skipping. Available as a pack of 6 with an assortment of colours, these skipping ropes are sure to meet your every need and requirement.