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RapidFire RF AFL Rebounders [3 Sizes]

Double-sided rebound target area with fully adjustable angle and 1.5mm powder coated steel frame. Detachable clip allows you to use these rebounders horizontally or vertically. Quick-release pins for easy assembly. 3 sizes available.

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RapidFire Aussie Rules Football Rebounders - 3 Sizes

  • Aussie Rules Football Bounce Back Net | Rebounding Net For AFL

    Galvanised Steel Frame

    The frame of this AFL rebounder is manufactured from 1.5mm thick galvanised steel which is then covered in a black powder coating. This heavy-duty construction guarantees your AFL rebounder can be used throughout all weather conditions without the risk of corrosion.

  • RapidFire Aussie Rules Football Rebounder | AFL Rebounder Net

    Responsive Net

    Both sides of this football rebound net are kept taut by several tightly coiled springs. These spring-loaded rebound nets guarantee your AFL footballs will be returned to players in a manner comparable to an actual Aussie Rules football teammate.    

  • Double-Sided Aussie Rules Football Rebounder | Adjustable AFL Rebound Net

    Folds For Storage

    Made to be easy to store, this piece of Aussie Rules football training equipment can be folded away after training sessions. This innovative design guarantees your AFL rebound net will take up very little room in your car boot or club house. 

RapidFire AFL RF80 Rebounder Dimensions

  • Overall Size: 2.5ft x 2.5ft | 76cm x 76cm
  • Side 1: 2ft x 2ft | 63cm x 63cm
  • Side 2: 1.9ft x 9ft | 58cm x 58cm

RapidFire AFL RF100 Rebounder Dimensions

  • Overall Size: 3ft x 3ft | 94cm x 94cm
  • Side 1: 2.8ft x 2.8ft | 85cm x 85cm
  • Size 2: 2.5ft x 2.5ft | 78cm x 78cm

RapidFire AFL RF150 Rebounder Dimensions

  • Overall Size: 4.5ft x 3ft | 138cm  x 94cm 
  • Side 1: 4.2ft x 2.8ft | 129cm x 86cm
  • Side 2: 4ft x 2.6ft | 121cm x 78cm 


  • Frame: 1.5mm thick galvanised steel frame finished with a weatherproof powder coating
  • Side 1: 2mm thick knotted HDPP twine with 48mm mesh
  • Side 1: 1.5mm thick knotless HDPE twine with 30mm mesh


  • All rebounders feature an adjustable angle
  • Detachable locking clip allows you to use rebounders horizontally, vertically or handheld
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Quick release pins for easy assembly
Weatherproof Aussie Rules Football Rebound Nets Available In Three Sizes

Perfect for anyone looking to improve their kicking and hand passing technique while simultaneously recreating the feeling of a competitive Aussie Rules football match, these RapidFire RF AFL Rebounders will quickly become a staple piece of training equipment for any AFL player. Manufactured with two spring-loaded rebound areas which are fabricated from 1.5mm HDPP twine with 48mm knotted mesh and 2mm HDPE twine with 30mm knotless mesh respectively, these high-quality rebound nets will provide a varied ball return which is comparable to the conditions of an Aussie Rules football match.

  • 1.5mm steel frame finished with a weatherproof powder coating
  • Fully adjustable angle allows coaches to drastically alter AFL ball’s flight path
  • Quick-release pins for easy assembly  
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical use thanks to detachable clip
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Side 1’s target area is made from 1.5mm HDPE twine with 48mm mesh
  • Side 2’s Rebound net is made from 2mm HDPP twine with 30mm mesh
  • The RapidFire RF AFL Rebounder is available in three sizes
  • RapidFire RF80 dimensions: 2.5ft x 2.5ft
  • RapidFire RF100 dimensions: 3ft x 3ft
  • RapidFire RF150 dimensions: 4.5ft x 3ft

Constructed with durability at the forefront of their design, each AFL rebounder’s frame is made from 1.5mm thick galvanised steel which is then finished with a black weatherproof powder coating. This additional protective layer reduces the risk of rust forming on your Aussie Rules football rebounder after prolonged exposure to heavy rainfall, guaranteeing wet-weather training sessions will not cause a loss in performance. Despite the impressive level of durability the frame provides, it is incredibly easy to assemble thanks to quick-release pins. These user-friendly devices tightly bond the frame of your AFL rebound net together, ensuring intensive use will not damage your Aussie Rules football rebounder. Each RapidFire rebounder also features a detachable clip which allows coaches to position their spring back net either horizontally or vertically throughout Aussie Rules football practice sessions, increasing this piece of training equipment’s versatility.

Available in three styles, the RapidFire RF AFL Rebounder range is suitable for an extensive range of training drills thanks to its varied sizing. The RapidFire RF80 AFL Rebounder is the most compact rebounder with an overall size of 2.5ft x 2.5ft, while the RapidFire RF100 AFL Rebounder’s frame measures 3ft x 3ft. Finally, the largest Aussie Rules football rebound net is the RapidFire RF150 Rebounder which has an overall size of 4.5ft x 3ft.