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RapidFire RF Rebounders [3 Sizes]

Transform your training sessions with these RapidFire RF Rebounders. Available in 3 types; RF80, RF100 or RF150, these high-quality rebound nets are double-sided & feature an adjustable angle. Foldaway design allows simple storage & portability.

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RapidFire RF Rebounder – Dynamic Training Tool For Key Skill Areas

RapidFire RF Rebounder Specifications

RapidFire RF 80 Rebounder:

  • Overall Rebounder Size: 2.5ft x 2.5ft | 75cm x 75cm
  • Side 1 (Target Area): 2ft x 2ft | 63cm x 63cm
  • Side 2 (Target Area): 1.9ft x 1.9ft | 58cm x 58cm

RapidFire RF 100 Rebounder:

  • Overall Rebounder Size: 3ft x 3ft | 94cm x 94cm
  • Side 1 (Target Area): 2.8ft x 2.8ft | 85cm x 85cm
  • Side 2 (Target Area): 2.5ft x 2.5ft | 78cm x 78cm

RapidFire RF 150 Rebounder:

  • Overall Rebounder Size: 4.5ft x 3ft | 138cm x 94cm
  • Side 1 (Target Area): 4.2ft x 3ft | 129cm x 86cm
  • Side 2 (Target Area): 4ft x 2.5ft | 121cm x 78cm
  • RF150 can be used vertically or horizontally


  • Rebounder Frame: Premium 1.5mm Powder Coated Steel
  • Rebound Net (Side 1): 1.5m HDPP (48mm knotted mesh)
  • Rebound Net (Side 2): 2mm HDPE (30mm knotless mesh)


  • Rebounders feature a fully adjustable angle
  • Rebound Net features quick release pins for simple assembly
  • Quick release pins also allow users to convert to a handheld rebounder
  • Light-in-weight, ultra-durable & super easy to transport
  • Rebounder folds completely flat for simple storage
  • RapidFire RF Rebounders are ideal for football, cricket, hockey, rugby, American Football, GAA Gaelic Football, Hurling & more.
RapidFire RF Rebounders – Test A Variety Of Skills Across A Range Of Sports

Guaranteed to bring a whole new dynamic to your training sessions, the brand-new RapidFire Rebounders are a must-have for a variety of different ball-based sports. Innovatively designed so that all ages & abilities can enjoy, these premium rebound nets feature a double-sided approach, with either side offering slightly different rebound characteristic to the other. An excellent choice of training tool when working on ball control, catching, ball contesting, reaction speeds & more, the RapidFire Rebounders are available in three different sizes; 80, 100 & 150, with all three featuring a fully adjustable angle. For simple storage & portability, the RapidFire Rebounders fold completely flat.

  • RapidFire Rebounders [RF80, RF100 & RF150] – Ball Control, Catching & Reactions Training Drills
  • Rebounders feature a 1.5mm steel with black powder-coating (100% weatherproof)
  • Side 1 features a 1.5mm knotted HDPP rebound net (48mm mesh)
  • Side 2 consists of a 2mm knotless HDPE net with a 30mm mesh
  • Quick release pins allow user to transform rebounder into a handheld option
  • For simple storage & portability, rebounder can be folded completely flat
  • Ideal training tool for Football, Cricket, Hockey, GAA Gaelic Football, Hurling, Rugby & more

Exclusively manufactured using premium-grade materials, all three RapidFire Rebounders guarantee to be a part of your training set-up for many seasons to come. The frame, which features a 1.5mm thick powder-coated steel construction, is 100% weatherproof & completely resistant to rust & corrosion. Side 1 features a 1.5mm knotted HDPP net with a 48mm mesh whilst side 2 consists of a 2mm HDPE rebound net which has a 30mm knotless mesh for a more predictable ball return. All three rebounders come with quick release pins which allow you to transform the double-side into a single-sided handheld option. All three rebounders feature a detachable angle adjuster, which allows to alter the ball trajectory to suit specific training drills.