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Reflex Reaction Ball [2 Sizes]

The ultimate training equipment for reaction, reflex and hand-eye coordination practice. These reaction balls are specially crafted to bounce erratically and features a number of spherical nodules to provide varied and unpredictable training sessions. Available in 2 different sizes.

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Premium-Quality Reflex Reaction Training Ball

Reflex Reaction Ball Specifications


  • Large – 10cm | 4in
  • Standard – 8cm | 3in


  • Standard Size - High-quality thermoplastic rubber in an assortment of colours
  • Large Size - High-quality blue thermoplastic rubber


  • Can be used for a range of different sports
  • Designed to bounce and bobble erratically
  • Perfect addition to any equipment bundle or collection
  • Standard reaction ball size available as a pack of 6 in an assortment of colours
  • Pack of 6 is available with zip carry bag
  • Large reaction ball size available as a pack of 1 in blue
  • Helps develop agility, hand-eye coordination and reactions
  • Can be used in individual and group training sessions
Reflex Reaction Ball – Ultimate Training Equipment For Hand-Eye Coordination

Perfect addition to all sports training sessions to develop reactions & reflexes. Constructed from long-lasting thermoplastic rubber & designed to bounce erratically as it features several spherical nodules. Improve players hand-eye coordination & agility to help performance on gameday. Available in 2 sizes – Standard & Large. All standard size reflex reaction balls come as a pack of 6 in various colours & include a carry bag. The large blue reaction ball comes individually. Suitable for sports training sessions, schools & youth clubs.

  • Manufactured using high quality thermoplastic rubber for long lasting performance
  • Specially designed to bounce irregularly for unpredictable practice
  • Develops agility, hand-eye coordination & reaction time
  • Suitable for use in individual & group training sessions to improve reactions
  • Reflex ball available in 2 different sizes – Standard & Large
  • Standard reaction ball size - Pack of 6 in an assortment of colours
  • Large reaction ball size - Available individually in blue

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