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Replacement Nets for Alu60 Football Goals

Replacement nets for the FORZA Alu60 football goals. A weatherproof and extra thick 3mm HDPE braided twine net with 100mm knotted mesh. Available in 10 varying sizes and in a vibrant white colour.

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Sizes Available

• 6ft x 4ft

• 8ft x 4ft

• 12ft x 4ft

• 12ft x 6ft

• 3m x 2m

• 16ft x 4ft

• 16ft x 7ft

• 18.5ft x 6.5ft

• 21ft x 7ft

• 24ft x 8ft


• Supplied in a heavy duty netting grade

• 3mm braided HDPE twine netting

• Nets feature 100mm mesh

• Suitable for FORZA Alu60 football goal range

• Goal net colour = White

• Quantity = 1 Net

Professional Quality Replacement Nets For The FORZA Alu60 Football Goals

Reinvigorate your goal set up with the FORZA Replacement Net for Alu60 goals. Each exceptional standard net has been manufactured from a highly robust HDPE to construct a weatherproof and dependable piece of goal equipment. This extra thick 3mm braided net provides the necessary standard quality needed during fast paced games to ensure that the goal is effectively protected from high impact shots, weather related damage and general wear and tear. With this easy to install net, you’ll receive a professional quality goal accessory that will supply increased resilience.

  • High-quality 3mm thick HDPE braided net
  • Features UV stabilising technology for increased durability
  • Designed with 100mm knotted mesh
  • Supplied in a classic white colour
  • Available in 10 sizes to perfectly accommodate varying goals 

Each Alu60 replacement net features a 10mm knotted mesh and has been UV stabilised to ensure that the net is not damaged from harmful UV rays. This premium net is completely suitable for outdoor conditions as it will not rot, fray or shrink after exposure to the elements. As a result of this UV stabilising treatment, the brilliant and classic white colour of each net will remain vibrant for longer. Despite varying weather conditions, the high-density polymer composition of the net will assist in preventing weather induced harm. Whilst some nets may become misshapen from regular outdoor use, the Alu60 goal replacement net guarantees that these issues will not hinder the functionality of the net. Available in 10 standard goal sizes, this replacement net can is ideally suited for the FORZA Alu60 goal range as well as other heavy-duty goals.