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Replacement Pneumatic Wheels (For Line Marking Machine)

11 inch diameter x 3 ¼ inches wide replacement pneumatic wheel for line marking machines. Manufactured from hard-wearing rubber with a plastic hub. Max load of 136kg.

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  • Diameter: 11 inches (28cm)
  • Width 3 ¼ inches (8cm)


  • Tyre: Ultra-durable rubber
  • Hub: Red plastic


  • Load capacity of 126kg (300lbs)
  • Max inflation 30psi (2 bar)
  • Tyre tread improves traction on all wet surfaces
  • A single wheel weighs 1.4kg (3lbs)

3 ¼ Inch Wide Replacement Line Marking Machine Tyre With a 126kg Load Capacity 

Made from ultra-durable rubber this replacement pneumatic wheel will ensure your line marking machine rolls smoothly across car parks, sports fields and playgrounds. This is achieved by the wheels deep tread pattern which provides great traction even across wet surfaces. Measuring 11 inches (28cm) in diameter this wheel features a high-quality plastic hub which allows steady rotations once attached to your line marking machine.

  • Replacement line marking machine wheel designed to carry up to 126kg (300lbs).
  • Pneumatic wheel is 11 inches (28cm) in diameter and 3 ¼ inches (8cm).
  • Tyre is manufactured from rubber with a plastic hub.
  • Tyre tread improves traction across all surfaces.
  • Max inflation 30psi (2 bar).
  • Single wheel weighs 1.4kg (3lbs).

This pneumatic wheel has a width of 3 ¼ inches (8cm) which evenly distributes weight, resulting in a load capacity of 126kg (300lbs). This impressive capacity guarantees this wheel will be able to support your line marking machine and can also be used with wheelbarrows and carts.

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