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Replacement Regulation Size Lacrosse Goal Nets

FORZA replacement goal nets for regulation sized lacrosse goal posts. Features reinforced seams, 4cm mesh squares and lacing twine for ultimate ball stopping power without damage. Crafted from ultra-durable and weatherproof twine material. Available in 3mm or 5mm twine thickness and individually or as a pair.

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Thick FORZA Replacement Goal Nets for Regulation Lacrosse Goal Posts

Replacement Lacrosse Goal Dimensions

  • Fits all goals 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m)
  • 4cm mesh squares
  • Has 7ft (2.13m) depth


  • Weatherproof 3mm or 5mm thick twine
  • Reinforced seams with 2cm rope


  • Includes lacing twine
  • Sold individually or as a pair
High-Quality Weatherproof Replacement Lacrosse Goal Nets

Provide your goal posts with a professional and premium replacement lacrosse goal net to take your field to the next level. Crafted with specially designed twine, this durable lacrosse goal net is capable of withstanding the fastest of shots in the worst of conditions. These FORZA replacement lacrosse nets deliver a heavy-duty and weatherproof alternative to other lacrosse goal nets and are available in two high-performing thicknesses. Available as a pair or individually, these regulation size lacrosse nets are an essential piece of training and matchday equipment for any lacrosse team looking to improve their field equipment.

  • Replacement nets for 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m) lacrosse goals.
  • Regulation size 4cm (1 5/8 inch) mesh squares.
  • Reinforced seams with 2cm (¾) inch rope.
  • Includes lacing twine.
  • Manufactured from weatherproof twine available in thicknesses of 3mm or 5mm.
  • Available individually or as a pair.

Available in 3mm or 5mm thick twine, these full-size lacrosse goal nets are sure to meet any need or requirement. These nets have been manufactured from premium weatherproof materials to ensure that that your players are able to use this piece of lacrosse equipment consistently all year round no matter the weather. The professional quality lacrosse nets feature heavy-duty properties that guarantee the fiercest of shots safely nestle into the goal without perforating the net or rebounding back into play. Whether it is the strong 3mm net or the ultra-durable 5mm net, both professional standard lacrosse nets guarantee the highest performance and will not tear or break under persistent use.

These FORZA replacement nets feature 4cm (1 5/8 inch) mesh squares that effectively stop and secure every lacrosse ball inside your goal posts. With additional support rope seams, this replacement lacrosse net is reinforced to fully protect these nets from suffering from wear or fraying. To fully complete your field upgrade, pair these replacement goal nets with the regulation 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m) lacrosse goal posts.