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Maintain your Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee’s elite performance with these replacement rollers. Available in two styles; PU Foam or Blue PVA, the rollers simply attach to the squeegee bracket. Foam Roller ONLY.

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Replacement Rol-Dri Baseball Squeegee Roller Specifications

Rollers Available:

  • Black PU Foam: Ultra-absorbent material designed to collect & store water
  • Blue PVA: Best suited to clearing large volumes of standing water (requires activation)


  • BOTH STYLES: 36in x 1in | 920mm x 30mm


  • Rollers can be simply attached using innovative pin locking system
  • Blue PVA Roller requires activation prior to use (soak with water)
  • Both styles offer exceptional durability
  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is for the rollers ONLY. For the full Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegees, please see the essentials above.
High-Performance Replacement Rollers For Rol-Dri Baseball Squeegees

Ensure the quality of your Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee never faulters with these high-performance replacement rollers. Available in a choice of styles; water-absorbent PU foam or non-absorbent Blue PVA, these rollers guarantee to rid your baseball fields of excess water in minutes. Easy to attach thanks to the Rol-Dri’s innovative pin locking system, these replacement rollers can be ready to efficiently clear water from your field in seconds. The Black PU Foam Roller is ideal for absorbing water from grass/hard surfaces whilst the blue PVA roller is better suited to moving large volumes of standing water. Whichever style you select, an elite performance is guaranteed.

  • Replacement Rollers For Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegees – PU Foam or Blue PVA
  • Black PU Foam Roller: Ultra-absorbent foam – collects & stores water
  • Blue PVA Roller: Non-deteriorating material ideal for moving large volumes of standing water
  • Both styles of squeegee roller guarantee a mark-free finish
  • Rollers simply attach to Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegees using pin locking system
  • Blue PVA Baseball Squeegee Roller requires activation (wetting) prior to use

PLEASE NOTE: This product listing is for the Rol-Dri Replacement Rollers ONLY. If you require the full version of the Rol-Dri Baseball Field Squeegee (PU Foam or Blue PVA), please select accordingly from the essentials above.