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Reusable Hot & Cold Pack

22cm x 13cm reusable hot & cold gel pack for sports injuries. Heat in microwave or chill in freezer. Pack is puncture-proof & includes soft cover & Velcro strap.

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Pack Size:

  • 22cm x 13cm
  • Available as pack of 1 or pack of 20


  • Pack filled with non-toxic gel
  • Puncture proof exterior
  • Heat in microwave for deep heat
  • Set in freezer for ice pack


  • Gel pack
  • Soft pack cover
  • Velcro to keep pack stable
Reusable Hot And Cold Gel Pack For Sports Injuries

Our Reusable Hot & Cold Pack is great for sports teams and physios to have on hand in case of injury. The handy 2-in-1 quality means you can get deep heat or ice pain relief depending on your injury.

 These versatile gel packs can be heated up in the microwave to provide deep heat, or chilled in the freezer to create an ice pack.

Our hot and cold gel packs can be used again and again, so no matter what happens during training or out on the sports pitch, you can always have a gel pack to hand. Thanks to the puncture-proof exterior of these hot & cold packs, they’re made to last no matter what comes their way!

Each gel pack measures at 22cm x 13cm and is filled with a non-toxic gel. Every gel pack comes complete with a soft cover to prevent burns or frostbite that may occur with no cover. This has a soft Velcro strap so you can secure the gel pack to the affected area for relief.

This gel pack is ideal for treating a variety of sports related injuries such as bruises, pulled muscles, strains, muscle aches & sprains. These packs are an essential to have in your first aid kit.

Net World Sports stocks a variety of first aid kids to cover all aspects of sports related injuries, for a variety of different sized teams. Find the one that’s right for you!