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Rounders Bats [Regulation]

Regulation standard bats for all ages made from durable wood with an easy to grip rubber handle. Sold individually or as a set of 4.

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Hit It Out Of The Batting Square And Score Yourself A Rounder!

Rounders Bat Length:

  • 45cm (18 inches)


  • Strengthened wood gives a consistent and stable strike

Bat Handle:

  • Cord-bound rubber grip ensures a sturdy hold


  • Single rounders bat or set of 4

Work on your rounders batting technique in the sunshine with these regulation standard sized rounders bats. This quality wooden bat is the ideal summer garden game equipment for families and schools alike. Whether you’re in the garden or on the pitch working on reaching every base, these bats are ideal to help you not strike out.

  • Blue rubber grips for improved stability.
  • Strong wood composition measuring at 45cm (18 inches) long.
  • Suitable for adults and children.
  • Clean and classic user-friendly design.
  • Sold as a pack of four or individually.

These sturdy non-slip grip bats are the perfect accompaniment for any star hitter, with a robust cord-bound handle and strengthened wood. Put the fielders to the test with this outstanding bat.

The professional look of these durable wooden rounders’ sticks is ideal for schools, sports clubs or a leisurely game in the park. These versatile rounders bats are suitable for any age, while also being ideal to use indoors and outdoors. The perfect bat for prolonged training sessions and competitions.

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