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Rounders Sets [Bats, Balls, Poles, Bases & Carry Bag]

A rounders set that includes, bats, balls, bases, poles and a carry case. Available in jumbo or classic. All the equipment needed for continued summer fun.

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The Ideal Package To Play This Simple Summer Sport For All Ages

Rounders Bat:

  • Regulation size 45cm (18 inch) strengthened wood with rubber handle for optimum grip

Rounders Ball:

  • Standard size leather-bound ball with stitched seam for exceptional durability and grip

Rounders Bases & Pole:

  • Fantastic 25mm (1 inch) diameter white plastic marker poles slot securely into heavy duty rubber bases


  • Comes with carry bag to store rounders equipment safely between use
The ultimate rounders set. Everything needed to bat it out of the park.

Our premium rounders package is all you’ll need to get active this summer. From playing in the garden and the park to training on the pitch, our rounders package is portable, perfect for hours of easy and convenient summer time fun.

  • Sold in two sizes Classic and Jumbo. The classic set is comprised of 2 bats, 6 balls, 4 bases, 4 poles while the Jumbo pack is double the fun with 4 bats, 12 balls, 4 bases and 4 poles.
  • Includes a carry bag to safely store all your equipment.
  • The white marker poles and rubber bases are simple and quick to set up, allowing you with more time to work on polishing your rounders skills.
  • Heavy duty rubber bases that can withstand all your winning rounders.
  • Regulation standard bats and balls, ideal for use in school or sports clubs.

Comprised of a set of bats, balls, bases, marker poles and a carry case that is easy to store and transport, this amazingly valued set is great to start off your rounders equipment set.

An unrivalled package of kit that can be used for schools and local clubs, our comprehensive rounders set is suitable for competitive match action or a simple day in the park with friends.

Net World Sports supplies the widest range of rounders equipment you'll find at the best value. If you want extra rounders ball or rounders bats, we sell individual items, so you can personalise your perfect rounders set up. We're a guaranteed hit for your school or club, we'll supply the gear, all you'll need to do is provide the players and you're ready for action.