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Rugby Corner Flags Set [Corner Poles, Protector Pads & Foam Flags]

Comprehensive rugby corner flag set comprised of 25mm thick spring-loaded corner flag poles, 13cm wide corner flag protection pads and foam corner flags. Available in packs of 4 or 14.

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Add A Touch Of Class To Your Pitch With This Rugby Corner Flags Set

  • rugby corner flags set

    Spring Loaded Corner Flags

    Placed at the base of each rugby corner flag pole is a tightly coiled spring which allows the corner flag posts to bend in any direction if it is struck by a rugby player or ball. This innovative design significantly reduces the risk of your pole snapping in half during competitive matches.

  • rugby corner flags

    Thick Foam Protector Pads

    To provide protection to rugby players the corner flag poles are supplied with an absorbent foam padding. This 13cm thick protective padding prevents the chances of your players suffering an on-field injury, while the PVC covering provides an exceptional level of weather resistance.

  • rugby pitch flags

    Rigid Foam Corner Flags

    The rugby corner flags will remain visible throughout low-light matches thanks to their vibrant colour and high-quality construction. Crafted from rigid foam, these corner flags will not billow during strong winds, in turn providing the optimum level of visibility for officials.


  • Corner Poles: 5ft tall | 25mm wide
  • Protection Pads: 4ft tall | 13cm wide
  • Flags: 40cm x 36cm (W x H)


  • Corner Poles: PVC
  • Protection Pads: Absorbent foam with a PVC casing
  • Flags: Rigid foam


  • Available in packs of 4 or 14
  • Coiled springs allow these corner flags to bend in any direction
  • Pads and flags utilise a hook and loop fastening system to provide a secure fit
  • Foam padding fits over a pole with a maximum diameter of 35mm
  • Colour: Blue
Weatherproof Rugby Corner Flags With Post Padding Available In Packs Of 4 or 14

The ultimate rugby corner flag package for schools, amateur teams and professional teams, this premium corner flag set is comprised of high-quality corner flags, absorbent foam protection pads and foam corner flags. This premium rugby equipment set is available in packs of 4 or packs of 14, allowing you to mark out the four corners of your rugby pitch as well as the 10, 22 metre lines and goal lines.

  • Rugby corner flag poles are 5ft tall and made from 25mm thick PVC
  • Spring-loaded bases reduce the risk of on-field injuries
  • Absorbent post padding is 13cm thick with a weatherproof outer casing
  • Corner pole flags are made from rigid foam
  • Included flags measure 40cm x 36cm (W x H)
  • Post padding and corner flags utilise a touch fastening system for quick removal

Innovatively designed to provide the highest level of flexibility, the 5ft tall corner flags utilise a spring-loaded base which allows your rugby corner flag poles to bend in any direction when they are struck. This automatic feature guarantees your rugby corner flag poles can absorb the impact between player and post without breaking, while the coiled spring also allows the posts to bounce ack into position after contact.

The included post protection pads are 13cm thick and filled with super absorbent foam. This dense filling guarantees collisions between rugby players and posts will not result in injury as the protective padding acts as a cushion between player and corner flag pole. Made to protect your rugby corner flags throughout all weather conditions, the outer casing of these post protectors is made from ultra-durable PVC. The weatherproof properties of this material ensure heavy rainfall will not cause your corner flag post protectors to rot.

Rounding out this rugby corner flag set are 40cm x 36cm corner flags which are manufactured from rigid foam. This unique construction guarantees your corner flags will not billow in the wind, ensuring referees can always spot these vibrant blue flags.