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Rugby Tackle Shield With Double Wedge [Pro Model]

Perfect your tackling and rucking with this world-class double wedge rugby tackle and rucking shield. Robust, high density foam with fully weatherproof and rip proof 600gsm PVC covers. Twin side straps for handling.

Frequently bought together

  • Double Wedge Material

    Weather Resistant Material

    Made from a fully weather-resistant PVC covering, the double wedge tackle shield is suitable for all conditions.

  • Double Wedge Twin Straps

    Tough Twin Straps

    The two straps either side of the tackle shield allows for enhanced protection for the person holding the shield.

  • Double Wedge Foam Hole

    Holes For Added Durability

    The holes in the side of the tackle shield add durability as they ensure that the shield does not pop on the impact of a tackle.


  • High density foam padsoffers maximum protection from the hardest of tackles
  • Fully weather resistant PVC covering
  • Twin side straps
  • Top and Bottom wedges to simulate live tackling
  • Heavy duty, rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers
  • 100% weatherproof and easy to clean
  • Colour: Blue


  • Junior: 81cm (32") High x 33cm (13") Wide x 13cm (5") Thick
  • Senior: 94cm (37") High x 38cm (15") Wide x 18cm (7") Thick
Clean Contact Drills With This Double Wedge Tackle Shield

These professional double wedge tackle shields are the perfect training aid to practice the tackle, ruck and maul safely. Manufactured with high density foam pads, these high-quality double wedge tackle shields can replicate multiple match situations and promote the correct tackling technique and low-body positioning required during a competitive game. They also help players to develop their clearing out skills during breakdowns.

  • Heavy duty, rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers – the toughest on the market!
  • High density foam provides maximum protection from hard hitting tackles
  • Fully weatherproof PVC covering allows use of this rugby tackle shield year-round
  • Twin side straps for complete control over the rugby tackle pad
  • Top and bottom wedges better simulate tackling a player

The extremely durable twin straps on the sides of the double wedge shield allow the tackler to practise driving safely, while the person holding the shield is protected and can keep good control of the tackle shield. The lower wedge prevents players from dropping in the tackle, meaning you can build up your technique with the support of the tackle bag.

The lightweight tackle shield is made from a weather resistant PVC covering and is highly durable, allowing for you to channel your inner Billy Vunipola with the biggest of hits, as the thick foam offers maximum protection. The heavy-duty cover is rip-proof thanks to its 600gsm PVC cover, which is incredibly easy to clean off after a muddy training session.

Available in junior and senior sizes, these double wedged tackle shields are the must have piece of training equipment, suitable for players of all levels who are eager to win their tackles.

   Height  Width / Diameter  Junior   81cm (32 Inches)  33cm (13 Inches)  Senior  94cm (37 Inches)  38cm (15 Inches)