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Rugby Tackle Shield With Top Wedge [Pro Model]

Top Wedge Rugby Tackle Shield Pro Model ideal for improving footwork and tackling. High density foam with fully weather resistant, rip proof 600gsm PVC covers. Twin side straps for handling.

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Professional Standard Rugby Tackle Shield For All-Weather Training

  • Top Wedge Tackle Shield

    Rip-Proof & Weatherproof

    The 600gsm PVC cover is rip-proof and can be used in all conditions as you improve your all-round tackling technique.

  • Top Wedge Twin Straps

    Twin Strap Protection

    The two straps either side allows for the tackler to drive against the tackle shield, while keeping the person holding the shield safe.

  • Top Wedge Foam

    High Density Foam Pads

    The high density foam pads ensure the top wedge is a strong, durable rugby tackle shield capable of taking heavy impact.


Top Wedge Tackle Shield For High Intensity Tackle Training

This professional top wedge rugby tackling shield is ideal for enhancing your tackling technique in the lead up to a matchday. Designed to be used by the very best in the game, these high-quality rugby tackle bags are created with a fully weather-resistant PVC covering. As well as being weatherproof, these tackling shields are extremely easy to clean thanks to the rip-proof 600gsm PVC cover. Allowing you to put your tackling techniques to the test in all weather conditions, these rucking shields help are a training essential for any rugby set-up, from professional down to amateur.

  • High density foam pads offers maximum protection from the hardest of tackles
  • Fully weather-resistant PVC covering for use in all weather conditions
  • Twin side straps for enhanced control for the handler
  • Heavy duty, rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers
  • Top wedge for enhanced manoeuvrability

Designed with both the player and coach in mind, the tackler is able to drive against the person holding the tackle shield due to its two side straps, simulating in-game tackling while ensuring safety for the person behind the shield. Made with high density foam pads, the top wedge on these professional model tackle shields helps to mimic live tackling, while also developing clearing out in reference to breakdowns. The thick foam offers maximum protection from even the hardest of tackles so you can train at a match intensity during your practice sessions.

Available in junior, youth and senior sizes, these top wedge rugby tackle shields are the perfect training aid to improve your all-round rucking techniques, ensuring you are the one to come out with the ball and not your opponent. Whether you’re putting in the hours ahead of a crunch World Cup tie or simply looking to improve your tackling for your local league showdowns, this Top Wedge Tackle Shield is the perfect choice for you.

Height Width / Diameter Junior (10-14 Years Old) 51cm (20 inches) 30cm (12 Inches) Youth (Youth & Ladies) 61cm (24 Inches) 33cm (13 Inches) Senior (Professional & Seniors) 81cm (32 Inches) 43cm (17 Inches



  • High density foam pads offers maximum protection from the hardest of tackles
  • Fully weather-resistant PVC covering
  • Twin side straps 
  • Top wedge for enhanced maneuverability
  • Heavy duty, rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers
  • 100% weatherproof and easy to clean
  • Colour: Blue


  • Mini/Junior: 51cm (20") High x 30cm (12") Wide x 10cm (4") Thick
  • Youth:  61cm (24") High x 33cm (13") Wide x 13cm (5") Thick
  • Senior: 81cm (32") High x 43cm (17") Wide x 15cm (6") Thick