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Run-Up/Surround Cricket Matting - 2.74m Wide (Outdoor/Indoor)

2.74m wide surround cricket matting. Essential solution for neat cricket pitch finish. Suitable for home, school and cricket club set-ups. Samples available on request.

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High Quality Run-Up Matting That Is Guaranteed To Bowl You Over!


• 2.74m

Available Lengths

• Ranging from 1m to 30m.


• 15mm tufted grass pile.

• Samples available on request

Surround Cricket Mat To Ensure Tidy Exterior Of Cricket Pitch Surface

Using surround matting not only provides a satisfactory finish in terms of aesthetics but also makes maintenance easier, particularly as it negates the need to mow grass around the posts of the cage.

Premium quality finishing matting to surround main cricket pitch surfaces. Perfect for bedding up to main pitch surface.

Ideal for home, school and cricket club use. An essential solution for protection of outside of cricket pitch.

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