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Steel U-Peg Goal Anchors

Galvanised steel U-Peg goal ground anchors for safely securing freestanding football goals. Designed to fit over base frames with a maximum diameter of 72mm. Available in 6mm or 8mm steel thicknesses & packs of 2, 4 or 50 steel U-Pegs.

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Steel U-Peg Football Goal Anchors To Keep Your Goal Secure


  • Manufactured from heavy duty solid steel rod
  • Steel rod is galvanised for longer lifespan


  • 8" Long (6mm Thick Steel)
  • 10" Long (8mm Thick Steel)


  • Available in packs of 2, 4 or 50 U-Pegs
  • U-Pegs can fit over a football goal post with a maximum diameter 72mm
  • A minimum of 2 anchors per goals and 4 anchors per cage is required
Steel U-Peg Ground Anchors For Safely Rooting Freestanding Football Goals And Hitting Cages Into Grass Pitches

U-peg goal anchors are useful accessory designed to prevent freestanding structures from over-turning by securing them into the ground. These galvanised steel U-Pegs are an essential piece of equipment for football clubs, sports centres and home use, providing an easy-to-use goal ground anchor which is lightweight and robust. .

  • Galvanised steel U-Pegs goal anchors for preventing freestanding football goals from over-turning
  • Steel u-peg goal anchors available in two thicknesses: 6mm thick (8” long) or 8mm thick (10” long)
  • Packs of 2 steel U-Pegs, 4 U-Pegs and 50 U-Pegs for freestanding goals available
  • Designed to fit over a football goal post with a maximum diameter 72mm
  • Quick and easy method of securing your football goal in place

Our U-Peg goal anchors are manufactured from galvanised steel to ensure safe use of your football goal without fear of injury. These steel multi-sport U-Pegs are quick and easy to use, with each ground anchor being place over the base frame of a goal or over netting before being rooted into the ground using a peg mallet. These professional metal ground u-pegs can fit over any base frame with a maximum diameter of 72mm.

To suit variable needs, our multi-purpose steel sport U-Pegs are available in two sizes; 8" Long (6mm Thick Steel) or 10" Long (8mm Thick Steel). We also stock pack sizes of 2, 4 or 50 U-Pegs so you can always have plenty of U-Peg anchors to hand.

These strong steel U-Pegs are ideal for securing a range of different freestanding sports goals into soft surfaces, including Football Goals, Cricket Cages, Lacrosse Goals, Gaelic/Hurling Goals, Baseball Cages and Golf Cages.

A minimum of 2 anchors per goals and 4 anchors per cage (one for each corner) is required; however more anchors may be needed dependant on ground conditions and size of the goal/cage. If the soil structure is very weak or sandy then we would recommend using a different goal anchor that Net World Sports offer, such as Sandbags or Counterweights.

Choose the right football goal anchors for your pitch surface using our simple guide:

Goal Anchor Type Pitch Surface Installation U-Pegs Grass Place U-pegs onto the base of your goal and hammer into the ground until secure. Sandbags Indoor, Hard Court & Artificial Turf Fill with sand and place over the base of your goal. Steel Anchor Weights Indoor, Hard Court & Artificial Turf Use the shackle chain provided to secure each weight to the back corners of your goal post.