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Stop That Ball™ [Lacrosse Edition] – Ball Stop Net & Post System

Game changing, 10ft high freestanding steel framed ball stop netting system with the aim to contain any rogue lacrosse balls from escaping at home or at your sports club. Available at 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 50ft.

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  • Height - 10ft high (3m)
  • Length - Choose from a length of either 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, or 50ft (3m, 6.1m, 9.1m, 12.2m or 15.2m)
  • Length of Support Legs – 35inches (89cm)


  • Standard Net Option: 3mm Polypropylene Knotless with 48mm mesh
  • Standard Net Option: UV stabilised for outdoor use and rope edged.
  • Alternative Ultra Heavy-Duty Net Option: Tough impact netting with 22mm mesh
  • Frame: 34mm steel construction
  • Frame: Galvanized zinc plated steel with hammered powder coat finish provides protection from the weather and scratches.
  • Rubber feet for extra grip and scratch prevention.


  • Modular design allows you to extend the length to ANY length in multiples of 10 feet.
  • Stop That Ball™ is completely freestanding, saving your grass from any holes!
  • All tools required come alongside easy-to-follow instructions.
Stop That Ball™ Lacrosse Field Surround Protection Netting

Expertly designed to stop incoming high velocity balls, the Stop That Ball™ [Lacrosse Edition] is a necessary piece of equipment for teams and players. This premium net and pole ball stop system is perfectly suited for use during intense and vigorous practice sessions as it provides enhanced protection for your surroundings. Available in varying lengths from 10ft, this heavy-duty system can easily accommodate any lacrosse facility. Each system has been engineered to be an effective defensive barrier to allow you to develop your shooting technique in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Quick and easy set up due to locking button system.
  • Freestanding system catches lacrosse balls without the need for poles in the ground.
  • Adjustable angles for each extender unit.
  • Galvanised zinc plated steel with hammered, scratch resistant powder coat finish, protecting against rust and corrosion.
  • Option of standard 48mm mesh, 3mm knotless polypropylene or heavy duty 22mm lacrosse impact netting.
  • Available in lengths of 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 50ft

As a fast-paced and hard-hitting sport, lacrosse requires a functional and high-grade protective screen to correctly safeguard players and sports grounds. To maximise each training session, the freestanding Stop That Ball™ [Lacrosse Edition] system has been created with a locking button feature for quick and easy assembly. This professional standard of construction can also be seen in the 34mm galvanised zin plated frame steel, that has been finished with a protective layer of power coating for improved durability against harsh weather and scratches.

The Stop That Ball™ [Lacrosse Edition] can provide added ball security for your field due its effective and innovative hinged extender units. These extenders will allow you to adjust the angle of you ball stop netting and pole set by every 10ft to create complete bespoke coverage. Additionally, each system has been designed to make sure that wayward shots are easily halted before they travel further out of bounds.

Whether it is on the training ground or the hallowed turf of your back garden, leave your pitch unaffected, without holes in the ground, with this revolutionary freestanding ball stop netting system.

Recommendation – We recommend that the bases are pegged down (anchor pegs are supplied). In windy conditions, we would suggest using additional anchor pegs. In stormy conditions, we recommend that system is rested flat.

PLEASE NOTE: We also offer replacement parts should they be required.

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