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Striped/Two Colour - Football Goal Net [10x Colour Options]

The best dual-coloured football goal net around. Manufactured to include ten different colour combinations, this high-quality goal net is sure to meet your every need. Designed to fit full size goal posts (24ft x 8ft) this heavy-duty goal net will provide professionalism and class to any football venue. Crafted from 3mm thick twin and 120mm mesh squares, this football net can withstand the fiercest of strikes. Available as a single or as a pair.

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Take Home Advantage To The Next Level With This Professional Coloured Goal Net


  • Striped net for full size 24ft x 8ft (7.3m x 2.4m) goals
  • Nets have a 3ft top depth and an 8ft 4in bottom runback
  • 120mm mesh square with overlock edge


  • Extra heavy duty 3mm football netting grade supplied


  • Colours available - Blue/Black, Orange/Black, Red/Black, Blue/Red, Black/White, Blue/White, Green/White, Purple/White, Red/White, Yellow/White, Blue/Yellow
  • Suitable for goalposts with top runback and net support brackets (continental design)
The Best Dual-Coloured Goal Nets For Any Level Of Football

The best football goal net for any level of football. Whether it is an amateur game on a Sunday or semi professional game midweek, this striped football goal net delivers professionalism and security to every pitch. Featuring 120mm mesh squares and 3mm thick twine, this premium quality football net safely secures the fiercest of shots and provides reliable performance all year round, season after season.

  • Extra durable 3mm twine football netting to survive the harshest conditions
  • Available in 10 different colour combinations for added choice
  • Professional football nets that are available as a single or in a pair
  • Made for regulation full size 24ft x 8ft (7.3m x 2.4m) goals
  • 120mm mesh square with overlock edge, suitable for goalposts that feature top runback or net supports

This football goal netting was specifically designed for regulation sized goal posts (24ft x 8ft) and is available in ten different colour combinations to match team colours. With 120mm mesh squares and 3mm thick twine, this full-size goal net is manufactured to last in the harshest of conditions without losing performance. The extra strong 3mm weatherproof football goal nets are resistant to all weather conditions from sun to snow.

Specially crafted with overlock edging, each striped goal net is perfect for use with full-size goal posts that feature a top runback or net supports such as those in continental football goal designs. Available in ten different combinations these coloured football nets are sure to meet your teams every want and need. Available as a single or as a pair, these professional goal nets can take your field to the next level and intimidate your opponents.

Net world Sports offers a wide variety of different football goal nets from kid’s football nets to adult football goal nets. Whether you require a standard net or a more heavy-duty solution, we are sure to have the perfect goal net for you and your team.