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Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube

This Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube will clear your tennis court in minutes. Holding up to 15 tennis balls at a time, the transparent PVC construction helps reduce risk of injury when collecting tennis balls.

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Simple & Effective Tennis Ball Collection – Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube

  • PVC Tennis Ball Collector | Excellent Durability

    Excellent Longevity

    This tennis ball collector has been manufactured using heavy-duty PVC to give it exceptional durability. The rubber bases ensure the tube can withstand regular contact with a tennis court.

  • Transparent Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube | Tennis Court Equipment

    100% Transparent

    The Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube features a completely transparent design so you can see exactly how many tennis balls you’ve collected.

  • Easy Tennis Ball Collection | Heavy Duty Rubber Straps

    Rubber Locking Straps

    Each tennis ball collecting tube comes with hard-wearing rubber locking straps which help keep the balls secure when collecting and allows you to quickly release them into your basket.

Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube Specifications


  • 100% PVC Construction with rubber base


  • 15 Tennis Ball Capacity (Regular Sized)
  • Rubber locking straps which allow for quick release of tennis balls
  • Super lightweight & durable
  • Eliminates bending to reduce risk of injury
Quick & Effective Ball Collection With This Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube

No player enjoys collecting tennis balls at the end of a hard, gruelling session, particularly when the balls are scattered all over the court. With this tennis ball pick-up tube, clearing your court has never been so simple. The lightweight, hard-wearing tube comes with a heavy-duty rubber base which allows you to hover it over a ball, apply minimal pressure and watch as your tennis ball fires up into the tube.

  • Clear your tennis courts with this Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube
  • The transparent, lightweight tube is exceptionally easy to use
  • Made using heard-wearing PVC with a durable rubber base
  • Eliminates bending therefore reducing risk of injury
  • Will collect up to 15 regular sized tennis balls at a time
  • NOT compatible with Mini Red (Stage 3) tennis balls

This tennis ball collector can hold up to 15 regular tennis balls at any one time, giving you plenty of room to work with. The benefit of the pick-up tube is that there is no bending required, so even after a tough session, collecting the tennis ball pick up won’t seem too daunting. Its size also helps minimise risk of injury too. A top-quality piece of court equipment, the tennis ball pick-up tube is ideal for schools, tennis clubs and academies.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tennis Ball Pick-Up Tube is NOT compatible with mini red (stage 3) tennis balls.