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Court Screens/Windbreaks

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Surround Netting

Enclose tennis courts with ultra durable 2mm knotted black netting, this is and ideal way to surround a court from a usability, practicality and economic standpoint. This tennis surround netting can be supplied as standalone netting in nine different heights which all available in any length. Also supplied is a complete tennis court surround fence package. This tennis court fence includes all required netting and steel post uprights, this tennis fence is supplied in 9' or 10' height.

Canvas Screens

Canvas Screening for indoor sports halls provide aesthetically acceptable screening against bare concrete blockwork. Our canvas back drop screens are usually supplied in blue and are based on the specification provided by customer. Canvas screens for sports hall are custom made so to enable pricing please contact with details of requirement.

Windbreak Nets & Privacy Screens

An essential item for many tennis courts. Tennis windbreak nets allow for much more enjoyable play when god sneezes. Windbreak screens are supplied as standard sizes in 12m and 18m length. We can also custom supply windbreak nets in any length. Standard size tennis windbreak nets can be delivered next day. Tennis privacy screens have much tighter mesh and are vision restriction tool and not a wind control aid. Privacy screens will keep prying eyes out, but privacy nets are not recommended for use in windy or exposed areas.
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