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Vermont Archon Tennis Racket

Designed for the best, the Vermont Archon features a VPG Elite Tek Graphite Construction. Weighing 280g, the 27” archon is extremely well-balanced giving players an optimal performance.

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Put yourself in the world mix with this Vermont Tennis Racket

Racket Size:

  • The Vermont Archon Tennis Racket is a Senior Tennis Racket: 27”


  • Racket frame is 100% Graphite
  • Archon features the innovative VPG Elite Tek Graphite Construction


  • Strung Weight: 280g (+/- 7g)


  • Racket Headsize: 100sq inches
  • String pattern: 16 x 19

Grip Sizes:

  • L2: 106-108mm
  • L3: 109-111mm
  • L4: 112-114mm
  • L5: 115-117mm


  • Colour: Carbon Black with gloss black patterning & gold
  • A full racket cover is included with every Vermont Archon Tennis Racket
Created for those at the top of their game – Vermont Archon Tennis Racket

For players right at the top of their game, the Vermont Archon Tennis Racket is of the highest quality possible. Designed by tennis experts, the knowledge and understanding of the world’s favourite racket sport is clear for everyone to see in this world-class racket. With premium performance guaranteed every time, the Archon features a VPG Elite Tek graphite construction, giving players an exceptional balance between power and control, allowing them to dictate points from anywhere on the court.

  • World-Class tennis racket designed for those at the top of their game
  • Senior tennis racket (27”)
  • VPG Elite Tek Graphite Construction
  • Extremely well-balanced tennis racket for a premium performance
  • Strung weight: 280g
  • Features a slick black on black design with gold branding
  • Available in 4 grip sizes: L2 – L5
  • Each racket comes complete with a full cover

Manufactured from completely graphite, the Vermont Archon possesses all the necessary qualities and characteristics to flourish right at the very top of the game. At 280g, the Archon is slightly lighter than its competitors which allows elite players to fully feel the ball off the strings and play with excellent skill whilst still retaining a fantastic level of hitting power. Whether you’re looking to rip groundstrokes when trading baseline to baseline or trying to neutralise the rally with a highly-effective slice backhand, the Vermont Archon performs just as well in both types of play.

Brimming with the class and style, the Vermont Archon comes with a slick black on black design and finished with gold branding, giving a world-class racket a world-class look. Guaranteed to provide a top-level performance every time, the Archon provides the perfect blend of finesse and power, whilst consistently improving your level of tennis. When not being used, you can keep your racket safe and secure using the provided full racket cover.