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Vermont Badminton Court Lines

Badminton court line markers for quick mini badminton court setup. Made from flexible but hard-wearing rubber for ultimate durability. Perfect for coaching sessions and home use.

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The Professional Way To Mark Out A Practice Badminton Court


  • Rubber badminton court lines


  • Corner Markers: 10in x 3in | 25cm x 8cm (long edge x short edge)
  • Straight Markers: 13in x 3in | 34cm x 8cm (long edge x short edge)


  • Creates a badminton court sized: 6m (20ft) wide by 13 ½m (44ft) long.
  • Colour: Yellow
  • 16x Court Lines in total (12x straight, 4x corners)
  • Dimpled back minimises the chances of slipping
Anti-Slip High Visibility Badminton Court Markers For Training Sessions And Garden Games

Take a temporary badminton court with you where ever you go with this set of ultra-durable, flexible line markers. Manufactured from anti-slip rubber, the vibrant badminton court lines allow you to tailor the size of your court to your surroundings.

  • Comprises of four corner markers and twelve straight boundary lines.
  • Manufactured from flexible, ultra-durable rubber.
  • Pimpled back reduces the risk of slipping over the court lines.
  • Marker lines can be stored inside the lightweight carry bag.

Manufactured from ultra-flexible yellow rubber with a textured dimple back which grips the court lines to the floor, there is zero chance of you slipping over the markers whilst trying to return your opponent’s ferocious drop shot. With four corner markers and twelve straight line markers, you will be able to create a 6m (20ft) wide by 13 ½m (44ft) long. By removing straight lines from your set up you can adjust the size of your temporary court at will, which can in turn create fun training sessions or competitive of badminton.

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