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Vermont pickleball court lines for the creation of temporary USAPA sized playing areas. Manufactured from ultra-flexible Fluro Yellow rubber, one side of each of the sixteen court lines is pimped to reduce the chances of players slipping.

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Sixteen Temporary Marker Lines For The Creation Of USAPA Sized Courts


  • Ultra-durable rubber


  • Corner Markers: 10in x 3in | 25cm x 8cm (long edge x short edge)
  • Straight Markers: 13in x 3in | 34cm x 8cm (long edge x short edge)


  • Creates a court sized: 6m (20ft) wide by 13 ½m (44ft) long.
  • Set includes sixteen throw down markers, four corner pieces and twelve straight lines
  • Textured underside minimises slipping
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor pickleball games
  • Pickleball lines feature a high-visibility Fluro Yellow design


 Full Size Temporary Pickleball Court Lines Made From Ultra-Durable Rubber

Take a USAPA sized temporary 6m (20ft) x 13 ½m (44ft) long with you wherever you go with these high visibility, orange throw down markers. Manufactured with a dimpled back the court lines are designed to prevent pickleball players from slipping whilst trying to return a dropshot.

  • Manufactured from high-visibility Fluro Yellow, flexible rubber.
  • Throw down lines are textured to prevent players slipping.
  • Set is composed of four corner pieces and twelve straight lines. 
  • Temporary court meets the USAPA guidlelines of 6m (20ft) wide by 13 ½m (44ft) long 

The portable nature of the temporary throw down lines allows you to set up pickleball courts whilst on holiday or in sports centres which do not have the luxury of a permanent court. You can create a full sized 6m (20ft) wide by 13 ½m (44ft) long pickleball court with these markers, which can be increased or decreased in size depending on the amount of space you have. These court lines can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including wood floors, astroturf and outdoor courts. Larger courts can include more players, whilst smaller playing areas can result in more intense matches and training sessions.

Each throw down marker is manufactured from ultra-durable rubber, which is Fluro Yellow to provide maximum visibility. The textured underside of each of the sixteen court lines, prevents you or opposition players from slipping over the markers. Comprised of four corner pieces and twelve straight lines, you have all the components to create a temporary indoor or outdoor pickleball court.