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Vermont ProCourt Mini Badminton Net

Take the badminton action anywhere with the portable ProCourt Mini Badminton Net. Available in three sizes; 10ft, 20ft & 30ft, the badminton net is ideal for clubs, schools & families. Easy to assemble & comes with a carry bag included.

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ProCourt Mini Badminton Net – Ideal For Clubs & Families

Vermont ProCourt Mini Badminton Net Specifications


  • Badminton Posts: 1mm thick steel tubing (powder-coated)
  • Badminton Net: 6ply polyethylene with a 1in mesh
  • Net Side Banding: PVC Tarpaulin
  • Net Top & Bottom Banding: Coated 210D Oxford Material
  • Carry Bag: Heavy-duty nylon with metal zips


  • Lengths Available: 10ft (3m) | 20ft (6m) | 30ft (9m)
  • Net Height: (Mini Badminton): 5ft (1.55m)
  • Net Height (Mini Tennis): 2.6ft (0.8m)
  • 10ft Net: 8kg | 18lbs
  • 20ft Net: 12kg | 26lbs
  • 30ft Net: 15kg | 34lbs


  • What you receive: Badminton Posts, Badminton Net & Carry Bag
  • ProCourt Mini Badminton Net is completely freestanding & suitable for any surface
  • Badminton Net can be assembled in minutes & is 100% weatherproof
  • Simply converts to a mini tennis net by removing a ProCourt pole from either side
  • Anti-slip pads included for exceptional grip on hard surfaces
ProCourt Badminton Net – Lightweight & Portable With Carry Bag Included

An excellent choice for badminton clubs, schools & families, the high-quality Vermont ProCourt Badminton Net can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Available in three lengths; 10ft, 20ft or 30ft, this badminton net is just as effective for competitive badminton as it is in the back garden or on the beach. Expertly designed with user-convenience in mind, the ProCourt offers a super-fast assembly time & comes with a heavy-duty carry bag included, allowing you to take the badminton action wherever you like. Completely freestanding, the impressive badminton posts can be used on any flat surface.

  • Vermont ProCourt Mini Badminton Net – For Clubs, Schools & Families
  • Freestanding Badminton Net can be used on any flat surface
  • Badminton Posts feature multiple easy-to-assemble powder-coated steel poles
  • Badminton Net created using 6ply polyethylene with Oxford Material Banding
  • Badminton Net is available in three sizes: 10ft, 20ft or 30ft
  • ProCourt Badminton Net is 100% portable & comes with carry bag included
  • Badminton Net can also be simply converted into a mini tennis net

Expertly created using premium-grade materials, the ProCourt Mini Badminton Net guarantees an elite performance with exceptional durability. The badminton posts, which consist of multiple easy-to-assemble poles, is engineered using ultra-durable 1mm thick steel poles for complete weather-resistance. The net, which features an innovative touch fastening net tensioner, is crafted using 6ply polyethylene & feature Oxford Material banding for supreme resistance against badminton shuttlecocks. Lightweight, portable & offering an efficient assembly, the Vermont ProCourt Mini Badminton Net is a must-have for schools & families.

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