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Volleyball Rope Ratchet Tensioner [6 Pack]

High-quality Rope Ratchet Tensioners to effectively support various volleyball nets. Sold as a pack of six, they are perfect to use evenly on each side of the net.

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A Professional Quality Heavy-Duty Volleyball Rope Ratchet Tensioner


  • Rope Ratchet (individual): 1.86m | 6.1ft


  • High-quality rope
  • Tough plastic
  • Robust metal lever


  • Sold as a multi-pack of six
A Volleyball Rope Ratchet Tensioner Designed With Functionality In Mind.

Manufactured from a combination of high-quality materials designated for repeated use. The Volleyball Rope Ratchet Tensioner is an easy to use system, that produces a tight and well fastened net. With a strong corded non-slip rope for added stability and reinforced plastic to protect the lever mechanism, this is a tensioner built to last.

  • High-quality rope, metal and plastic.
  • Adjustable levels of tension.
  • Easy to use and transport.
  • Sold as a pack of six.
  • Can be used alone or with other tension aids.

The safe and quick release lever allows you to adjust the tension of the net to perfectly suit your requirements, all while ensuring that the volleyball net is taunt and balanced. Enjoy the reliability of a Rope Ratchet Tensioner that will be able to withstand consistent use. As an effortless item to utilise, all you need to do is place the rope through the eyelet on the net, wrap the rope around the post and then secure with the carabiner clips. To get your desired tension level, simply release the lever and pull the rope for a perfectly tightened net!

Use the Volleyball Rope Ratchet Tensioner in conjunction with other tension aids such as our Volleyball Net Velcro Tension Straps, or alone to achieve a fully taunt net. The multi-pack of six straps is ideal to be used on both sides of a volleyball posts, to evenly distribute the tension.