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High-quality Whiteboard Marker Pens for sports coaching boards. Available in a pack of 8 or 10 & in a choice of thicknesses, these whiteboard pens feature fast-drying ink. Plastic wallet included for storage & transportation.

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Plan All Of Your Game Strategies With The Sports Coaching Whiteboard Pens

Sports Coaching Whiteboard Marker Pens Specifications

Packs Available:

  • Pack of 10: 2mm Thick Whiteboard Marker Pens (Black)
  • Pack of 8: 3mm Thick Whiteboard Marker Pens (3x Black, 3x Blue & 2x Red)


  • 2mm Black Marker Pens feature a magnetic strip & integrated whiteboard eraser
  • Marker pens come with a plastic wallet included
  • Whiteboard pens feature a locked tip to prevent leaking & ensure a consistent application is always achieved
  • Pen ink is odourless & fast-drying
An Expertly Manufactured Magnetic Whiteboard Pen

Perfectly capture every winning game strategy with these effective and long-lasting Sports Coaching Whiteboard Pens. Designed to allow coaches to easily write and wipe off their game day tactics, these remarkable pens have been manufactured to maximise training sessions. Equipped with an extra strong magnetic strip that strongly anchors each pen to compatible whiteboards, this is the ideal tool to successfully document of your skilled plans.

Unmatched in quality, these premium quality pens are available in a multi-pack of either 8 or 10 to perfectly suit your requirements. Constructed with an integrated eraser, this all in one pen will effectively remove residual ink from whiteboards. Whilst the pen benefits from external additional features like the added eraser and the magnetic strip, it has also been created with a non-toxic ink formula for complete protection and safety. This marker has nearly undetectable odour and a fast-drying ink to allow you to quickly record coaching plans without the worry of it smudging.

  • Sold as a pack of 10 small pens or 8 large pens
  • Complete with an attached eraser
  • An airplane safe pen with automatic pressure equalisation that prevents leaking
  • Equipped with a locked tip feature to prevent the tip of the pen from being pushed into the barrel
  • A magnetic strip that allows you to attach the pens to compatible whiteboards
  • Provided with a plastic wallet for easy transportation
  • Integrated eraser effectively dry wipes whiteboards without leaving any residue
  • A fast drying and low odour ink

Simply transport the Coaching Whiteboard Pens anywhere with the handy plastic carry case included with each set. These pens have been developed with a locked tip feature to keep every internal component firmly in place. This locking feature ensures that the tip of the pen will not be pushed into the barrel and that it will stay situated in its correct location. Due to this, each pen is completely travel safe and can even be taken on-board airplanes without hassle. With an expertly designed pressure equalisation system that reduces the likelihood of leaking, take these whiteboard pens to and from training sessions with complete peace of mind.