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3m x 2m FORZA Handball Goal Target Sheet

Weatherproof 3m x 2m handball target sheet manufactured from hard-wearing mesh. Eight target holes strategically placed to improve your shooting accuracy. Bungee net ties secure the target sheet to your handball goal.

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Improve Your Accuracy With This Mesh FORZA Handball Target Sheet

  • Various Target Holes 

    The eight target holes are placed in locations keepers are known to struggle with, helping you improve your conversion rate in front of goal.

  • For All Handball Goals

    This target sheet can be attached to all 3m x 2m handball goals by using the bungee net ties which will secure this piece of training equipment in place.

  • Made From Weatherproof Mesh

    The hard-wearing mesh of this target sheet allows you to take training sessions outdoors without the risk of deterioration.


Master Whips And Bounce Shots With The 3m x 2m FORZA Mesh Handball Target Sheet

Improve your fortunes in front of goal with this ultra-durable handball target sheet. The water resistant, wind-protected mesh this piece of training equipment is manufactured from allows you to host intense shooting drills without deterioration and helps the target sheet retain its shape if used outside during strong winds.   

  • For all 3m (10ft) x 2m (6.5ft) handball goals.  
  • Eight target holes are placed in areas with high shot conversion rates. 
  • Made from black weatherproof mesh with yellow target areas.
  • Bungee net ties allow you to quickly attach the target sheet to your regulation goal.
  • Made from wind-protected weatherproof mesh.

With eight target holes placed in areas goal keepers struggle with such as the top and bottom corners of your goal, scoring will become second nature to your circle runners and wingers. Each target hole has a fluorescent yellow outer ring to provide the maximum level of visibility. This striking colour will always catch your eye, quickly building your muscle memory, even if you only have a second to look up and shoot after receiving a pass.  

Designed to fit all regulation 3m (10ft) x 2m (6.5ft) handball goals this target sheet is incredibly easy to set up thanks to the bungee net ties provided. All you need to do is wrap the bungee cords around the frame of your goal then over the plastic ball. The tight bond this creates means any handballs that fail to sail through the intended target will bounce back towards you rather than unravelling the target sheet.   

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  • For 3m (10ft) x 2m (6.5ft) handball goals


  • Weatherproof mesh


  • Bungee ties are provided to quickly attach and release this target sheet
  • Eight target holes with fluorescent yellow trim
  • Target sheet can be used by all skill levels