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Badminton Nets | Badminton Posts | Professional & Regulation Standard

Badminton Equipment of professional & regulation standard, available for next day delivery.

Greenbow supplies school standard badminton posts and competition badminton nets both of which can be used tournament badminton posts & badminton nets and leisure badminton posts & badminton nets. Badminton net posts are supplied as freestanding badminton posts which can be used with both regulation badminton net & competition badminton net.

The badminton court posts are self weighted, providing secure and stable badminton net posts. Each badminton pole has a 24kg base weight frame which forms a stable base for each badminton post. Badminton nets are in two sizes of badminton court net; 20' singles badminton net & 24' doubles badminton net.

Combination volleyball post & badminton post can also be supplied, with badminton net heights 5' & 8''. The badminton post can be slid in.out of socketed. Badminton court posts are powder coated blue. Badminton nets are UV stabilised & each badminton has brass eyelets.

School standard badminton posts & badminton nets from Greenbow Sports.
All badminton posts and badminton nets can be delivered next day and worldwide

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