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Club grade synthetic shuttlecocks with a 78 speed (medium). Available in white or yellow, each tube contains 6 shuttlecocks, which feature a cork tip & nylon skirt. Ideal for club & recreational play.

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Synthetic Club Grade Vermont Shuttlecocks

Vermont Club 100 Shuttlecocks Specifications

Shuttlecock Speed:

  • Club grade shuttlecock speed: 78 (Medium)


  • Cork Tip
  • Nylon Skirt (synthetic)


  • Sold as a tube containing 6 synthetic shuttlecocks
  • Available in white or yellow
  • Perfect for schools, badminton clubs & home use
Vermont Club 100 Shuttlecocks – For Club & Recreational Play

Sold as a tube containing six high-quality synthetic badminton shuttlecocks, the Vermont Club 100’s are the perfect choice for badminton training. An excellent addition to any badminton training set-up, these shuttlecocks are an extremely popular choice for schools, badminton clubs and even home use. Manufactured using high-quality materials throughout the shuttle, they possess excellent playing characteristics whilst being exceptionally durable.

  • High-quality, club grade shuttlecocks
  • Features a cork tip with a synthetic (nylon) skirt
  • Each tube contains 6 synthetic shuttlecocks
  • 78 Speed (Medium)
  • Perfect for club, recreational or training purposes
  • Available in white or yellow

These 78 speed shuttlecocks possess the necessary performance characteristics to contribute towards a very high standard of badminton. The quality, yet extremely durable shuttlecocks feature a cork tip which is connected to synthetic (nylon) skirt, giving the shuttle excellent speeds and trajectory through the air. Available in either white or yellow, these Vermont Club 100 Shuttlecocks are the perfect addition to anyone looking to take their badminton set-up to a whole new level.