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Aerosol Line Marking Machine

Aerosol Line Marking Machine with adjustable widths between 2 and 4 inches. Ultra-durable metal frame finished with a black powder coating. 10 inch puncture-proof wheels. Tank stores up to 12 spray paint cans.

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Aerosol Line Marking Machine Specs


  • Tyres: 10 inches


  • Frame: Ultra-durable powder coated metal
  • Tyres: Puncture-proof rubber


  • Release trigger for smooth paint release
  • Spray width can be adjusted between 2 and 4 inches
  • Compatible with line marking paint cans which have a diameter between 52mm and 60mm
  • Visual line guide for accurate line marking sessions
Powder Coated Metal Line Marking Machine With Visual Line Guide For Accurate Results

Ensure your parking lines are applied with the highest level of accuracy by using this innovative Aerosol Line Marking Machine. Constructed with an intuitive visual guide, you will never miss the mark while you use this machine to quickly administer paint onto hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac.  

  • Aerosol line marking machine is suitable for cans with a diameter between 52mm and 60mm
  • Line widths can be adjusted between 2 and 4 inches
  • Metal frame is finished with a black powder coating for increased durability
  • Spray trigger allows the machine to instantly start administering paint
  • Visual line guide ensures you can follow any pre-drawn line marking template
  • 10 inch puncture-proof wheels are suitable for car parks, school playgrounds and tennis courts
  • Storage tank can hold up to 12 spray paint cans

To start applying spray paint all you need to do is squeeze the machines ergonomic release trigger. This device steadily releases paint at an adjustable width of either 2 or 4 inches, allowing you to effortlessly paint clear and concise lines onto your chosen surface.  The line marking machine is also fitted with a large storage tank which can hold up to 12 cans of spray paint. The tanks large capacity ensures you can cover a large area on a single tank, saving you precious time throughout line marking sessions. 

Manufactured with durability at the forefront of its design, this aerosol line marking machine is constructed with a heavy-duty metal body, which is then finished with a weatherproof black powder coating. This extra powder coating ensures the machine will not corrode if it is exposed to heavy rainfall, providing you with excellent year-round performance. Another ultra-durable feature of the aerosol line marking machine is its 10 inch wheels. The spray paint marking machines puncture-proof tyres guarantee this machine can be used on a variety of rough surfaces without the risk of a flat tyre halting your progress.

Please Note: This machine is suitable for line marking paint cans with a diameter between 52mm and 60mm