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FORB Pro Driving Range Golf Practice Mat

Professional Driving Range Mat featuring stance & fairway mats, an anti-skid rubber base, golf tees & golf ball holder. Designed to play like real grass with professional FORB F-5 Golf Balls included (3 Pack).

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Professional FORB Golf Hitting Mat For The Driving Range

  • Driving Range & Fairway Shot Practice | FORB Golf Hitting Mat


    This professional golf hitting mat allows you to test your driving skills as well as your iron stroke play on the fairways. Simple to assemble, the mat features a high-quality anti-slip rubber base.

  • 15mm Thick Artificial Turg Golf Hitting Mat | Suitable For All Conditions


    The 15mm thick artificial turf allows players to experience a golf course-like feel with every shot without the inconvenience of divots. This mat allows you play your best golf in all conditions.

  • FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls | Free Golf Balls With Driving Range Mat


    Not content with just a world-class golf mat, we’ve thrown in a 3 pack of FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls completely free of charge! These pro golf balls feature high-performance PHSC Core Technology.

FORB Pro Driving Range Golf Mat Specifications


  • Stance Mat: 3.8ft x 3.8ft | 1.1m x 1.1m
  • Anti-Skid Rubber Base: 4ft x 4ft | 1.2m x 1.2m
  • Fairway Mat: 3ft x 2.6ft | 0.9m x 0.8m
  • Overall Size: 7ft x 6.6ft | 2.1m x 2m


  • Grass: 15mm Thick Artificial Turf – gives a real-grass performance
  • Anti-Skid Mat: Heavy Duty Rubber Base for use on any surface
  • Ball Tray: Heavy Duty Rubber
  • Golf Tees: Durable Rubber Designed To Cope With Regular Impacts


  • Super quick & easy to assemble (fairway & stance mat slot together)
  • Golf Tees are removable & come in a variety of sizes
  • Golf Mat comes with a 3 pack of FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls (FREE Of Charge)
Test Your Distance Hitting With This Pro Driving Range Golf Mat

This professional quality FORB Pro Driving Range Golf Mat possesses all the characteristics of a fairway without the inconvenience of uprooting turf with every shot. The ability to replicate perfect ball striking conditions with every stroke allows players to really focus on their techniques and put in the necessary work to take their golf game to the next level. The uniquely-designed mat features both stance and fairway surfaces so you can sharpen your iron play as well as your lengthy drives.

  • Professional Driving Range Golf Mat with fairway & stance surfaces
  • High-quality artificial turf gives players real-life hitting characteristics
  • Stance mat comes with an anti-skid rubber base
  • Golf mat features useful rubber ball tray so you can focus solely on your swing
  • Selection of rubber tees included for driving practice
  • Driving Range Mat comes with a 3 pack of professional FORB F-5 Golf Balls

Unique to other golf hitting mats, the FORB Pro Golf Mat combines driving range hitting with fairway stroke play thanks to its two-mat design. It’s premium anti-slip rubber base ensures players can commit to each shot 100% too. The highly-durable construction can be used in all weather conditions thanks to the 15mm artificial turf that’s been used to create this PGA masterpiece. Super-quick and easy to assemble, you can put all your time and focus into perfecting your golf shots.

Each FORB Pro Driving Golf Mat comes with a high-quality rubber ball tray as standard, allowing you to store dozens of golf balls at a time – ideal for hours of practice. To get you started, we’ve added a 3 pack of FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls so you can be training your game like the professionals right away.