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FORB Putt Returner With Auto Return Mechanism

100% portable & battery powered, this Automatic Putt Returner is a must-have for golfers. Ideal for home-use, the ball returning mechanism allows you to perfect your technique anywhere.

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Practice Your Putting Wherever With This Auto Putt Returner

  • FORB Putt Returner With Electronic Mechanism

    Simple Return

    This FORB Putt Returner features a simple mechanism to help avoid breakage & maximise longevity. As long as you sink your putt, the device will fire the ball straight back to your feet ready for the next one.

  • Portable Putt Returner | Golf Putting Practice At Home

    100% Portable

    This putt training accessory is completely wireless and powered using 2 x AA batteries (not included) allowing you to take it anywhere. At home or in the office, you’ll never be short of putting practice with this returner!

  • Putting Trainer With Auto Return | FORB Golf Practice Equipment

    Putting Perfection

    A popular choice from the FORB Golf Range, this putt returner is a must have for all golfers. Watch as the hours put in at home begin to pay off, allowing you to dominate greens on all golf courses.


Achieve Putting Perfection With This Portable Putting Machine

Statistically, 40% of all golf shots are completed using a putter, so it’s imperative that your short game is as well-practiced as it can be. With this high-quality FORB putt returner in your set-up, lack of practice opportunities will never be an issue again. This useful putting tool is 100% portable and measures just 13in long, making it perfect for home use, so you’ll be able to put your putting skills to the test whenever and wherever you like.

  • FORB Putt Returner with electronic ball returning system
  • Battery powered, light-in-weight & 100% portable
  • Simple ball returning mechanism will fire ball straight back to you
  • Dimensions: 13in x 7in x 3in
  • Perfect for home use

As you get better and your putts become more accurate, you’ll spend less time chasing stray golf balls as the ball returning system is designed to fire the ball straight back to where it’s come from. The electronic, battery powered system features a simple design of just shooting the ball straight back to avoid breakage and maximise longevity. This high-quality putt returner represents exceptional value which is why it’s one of the most popular pieces of golf equipment from the FORB range!

For the ultimate putting experience, why not add our professional quality FORB F3 Golf Balls to your putt returner. For more information please see essentials above.


FORB Putt Returner Specifications


  • This putting machine is battery powered
  • Require 2 x AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Innovative return mechanism is simply designed to avoid breakage


  • 13in x 7in x 3in | 33cm x 17.8cm x 7.6cm


  • This Putt Returner is ideal for home use
  • 100% Portable



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