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FORZA Stirrup Pump

The ultimate hand pump for sports balls and bikes, offering a rapid inflation rate, perfect for schools and teams. Track pump shaft is made from powder coated aluminium with a heavy-duty EDPM hose and sturdy foot plate. Included 3-piece adapter kit. Suitable for both US and European needles. The best pump for footballs, basketballs, rugby balls, netballs and bike tyres.

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Twin Hand Pump To Quickly Inflate Sports Balls And Bike Tyres

  • Handheld Football Pump | Stirrup Pump For Bike Tyres

    Handheld Stirrup Pump

    This hand pump features a powder-coated aluminium pump shaft and comfortable handles for optimum control. The ball pump is compatible with Schrader and Presta valves.

  • Bike Pump | Air Inflation Device For Sports Balls

    Flexible Inflation Hose

    Manufactured from heavy-duty yet mailable EPDM, the hose of this sports ball pump is easy to use, facilitating a super quick inflation volume per stroke measure of 0/31L per minute.

  • Bike Pump | Air Inflation Device For Sports Balls

    Dual-Pressure Display

    Providing a clear and useful air-pressure display, the bold and easy to understand pressure gauge offers readings up to both 150PSI or 10 bar, allowing you to achieve optimal inflation.


Stirrup Ball Pump With 3 Piece Adapter Kit

Capable of pumping sports balls with up to 0.31l/min (310cc) of air per stroke, this FORZA stirrup Pump is the best way to quickly and efficiently pump any sports ball. This versatile twin head pump can also be used with Schrader and Presta valves, which makes this bike pump ideal for any cyclist looking to top up the pressure of their tyres before important races or casual rides. 

  • FORZA Stirrup Pump made from aluminium which is finished with a weatherproof powder coating
  • Flexible EPDM rubber hose
  • Gauge displays air pressure in both PSI and bar
  • Compatible with both US and European style needles
  • Includes a 3 piece adapter kit
  • Stirrup pump delivers 0.31l/min (310cc) of air for quick ball inflation
  • Dimensions: 64cm x 22cm x 8.5cm  

Constructed with durability at the forefront of its design, the shaft of this manual ball pump is manufactured from aluminium which is finished with a weatherproof powder coating. This hard-wearing finish lessens the risk of your ball pump becoming corroded after extended exposure to heavy rainfall. Also fitted with a flexible yet durable EPDM rubber hose, this track pump will allow you to position your sports ball in the position you find most comfortable, reducing the risk of unnecessary back strain.

Supplied with the FORZA twin pump is a premium 3-piece adapter kit, which includes a US needle. This high-quality pump will always be up to your inflation task, regardless of what type of valve your sports ball requires.

The FORZA Stirrup Pump is part of a wider collection of ball pumps, including the patented dual-action Pump That Ball™ Hand Pump and mains operated electric ball pump.


FORZA Stirrup Pump Specifications


  • Height x Width X Thickness: 64cm x 22cm x 8.5cm | 25in x 9in x 3in


  • Pump shaft: Powder coated aluminium
  • Hose: Heavy-duty EPDM


  • Twin pump head pump is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves
  • Gauge displays up to 150PSI/10 bar
  • Volume per stroke: 0.31L/min (310cc)
  • Perfect for rugby balls, netballs, Gaelic footballs and bike tyres