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Giant Jenga

A set of 54 smoothed pine wood Giant Jenga pieces, perfect for a fun game amongst family and friends. Supplied with a high-quality carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

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Outdoor Jenga Set perfect for the Garden


  • Includes 54 Wooden blocks measuring 180mm (18cm) long x 60mm (6cm) wide x 45mm (4.5cm) high.
  • Can be stacked 5+ ft tall.


  • Manufactured from premium pine wood.


  • Supplied with a luxury and heavy-duty carry bag.
  • Designed and finished in Great Britain.
  • Net World Sports branded blocks.
Extra-Large Jenga Set Ideal for Family Fun

A spin on the classic game of Jenga that family and friends of all ages can enjoy. The larger size of this garden Jenga set provides an enjoyable twist on the classic activity, and with enough blocks for large and small groups of players, this is the ideal game for families, leisure centres and more. With an additional carry bag that allows for easy transportation and storage, you’ll be able to enjoy this fun and tactical game in any location.

  • Includes 54 Wooden blocks measuring 180mm (18cm) long x 60mm (6cm) wide x 45mm (4.5cm) high
  • Manufactured from high quality pine wood
  • Each set is supplied with a luxury and heavy-duty Net World Sports carry bag
  • Perfect garden game for the whole family
  • Once fully constructed, the tower is 5+ ft tall
  • Designed and finished in Great Britain

To guarantee the safety of players whilst the big Jenga set is being used, the wooden blocks have been effectively smoothed around the edges and on the surface to ensure that resistance is not encountered during games and that no injury is incurred. This allows each wooden piece of the large outdoor Jenga set to freely and easily move to ensure the game goes smoothly and fairly for everyone.

Due to the larger size of each deluxe wooden Jenga block, all players regardless of age will be able to successfully construct a tower that is capable of being over 5ft tall. As each individual block of the large Jenga garden game measures 18cm long x 6cm wide x 4.5cm high, they are able to provide a supportive base and added stability, helping to reduce the likelihood of injury from falling unbalanced blocks.