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Katchet Training Aid

High-quality cricket training accessory for slip-catching & wicketkeeper practice. 100% weatherproof polypropylene textured surface provides a sharp, unpredictable bounce to replicate match conditions.

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Katchet Cricket Training Aid Specifications


  • Premium-Grade Polypropylene


  • 100% weatherproof & suitable for any playing surface
  • Impact-resistant ramp features a textured surface for unpredictable bounce
  • Suitable for hard & soft cricket balls
  • Can be used for players of all ages
  • Lightweight & 100% portable
Katchet Training Aid – Ideal For Slip Fielders & Wicketkeeper Training Drills

Transform your fielding practice sessions with the revolutionary Katchet Cricket Training Aid. Designed to deliver an unpredictable, match-like bounce thanks to the high-quality textured surface, the Katchet offers slip fielders & wicketkeepers exceptional preparation opportunities ready for a game day. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use, the Katchet Training Aid can be used with all types of cricket balls from traditional leather to softer & bouncier tennis balls.

  • Katchet Training Aid – Perfect for slip fielders & wicketkeepers
  • Features a high-quality textured surface for a sharp, unpredictable bounce
  • Manufactured from ultra-durable polypropylene (lightweight & portable)
  • Katchet is 100% weatherproof can be used with hard & soft cricket balls
  • Can also be used for hockey goalkeeper training

The premium polypropylene construction combines supreme durability with a useful lightweight nature, giving it excellent portability and guaranteeing an elite performance season after season. The innovatively designed ramp features a multiple-ridge surface which delivers a match-like, unpredictable bounce – ideal for testing your ball catching reaction skills. Completely impact resistant, the Katchet ensures it’s sharp bounce will never waver over time.

PLEASE NOTE: The high-quality Katchet Training Aid has more uses than just cricket fielding practice. The fast-paced, unpredictable bounce makes it an excellent training tool for hockey goalkeepers to.