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Mannequin Carry Bag

A robust mannequin bag manufactured from high quality canvas. Suitable for 3 adult sized mannequins and includes a hook and loop fastening system and a plastic base that protects the bag from damage.

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  • Fits up to 3 Senior Mannequins. Also suitable for junior mannequins.
  • Hook and loop opening for added durability and security
  • Hard wearing plastic end so the spikes don’t pierce material
  • Carry straps for easy transportation
  • A Carry Bag To Help You Quickly And Easily Transport Your FORZA Mannequins

    A custom sized mannequin carry bag created exclusively to ensure that you can easily transport your training mannequins. This specially designed bag has been created with multiple features that guarantee that your mannequins will be safe during travel. With added carry straps, a reliable hook and loop fastening system and dense plastic base, our carry case includes everything you need to comfortably take your mannequins to and from practice.

    • Suitable to fit three adult sized mannequins or an equivalent amount of junior sized mannequins
    • Produced using a robust canvas material that ensures that your mannequin bag will last for years to come
    • Designed with a firm plastic base that protects the bag from the firm spikes of your mannequin
    • Features a hook and loop fastening system that keeps your mannequins safe and secure

    As training mannequins are an essential piece of equipment, this carry bag has been produced from a durable canvas that is both weatherproof and lightweight. The water-resistant exterior protects your equipment from weather damage while its lightweight composition means that after use you will be able to compactly store the bag. Designed to keep your mannequins safe and secure, this user-friendly carry bag features a hook and loop seal that ensures that your mannequins will stay firmly in place during transportation.

    These premium and dependable mannequins’ bags are provided with a solid plastic base that effectively keeps each training mannequin fixed in place. Whether you require a bag for junior or adult mannequins, this spacious carry case will easily accommodate 3 adult sized mannequins, so you will be able to carry all of your necessary training mannequins.