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Slalom Training Pole Carry Bag

A high-quality slalom pole carry bag with the capacity to hold 16 poles. Features a closure and handy shoulder strap for easy transportation. Bag measures 6ft (183cm) in length with a diameter of 0.55ft (17cm). Made from a weatherproof and heavy-duty material.

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Weave Your Slalom Poles In And Out of the Training Carry Bag


  • Bag holds up to 16 poles
  • Measurements: 6ft (183cm) in length, 0.55ft (17cm) diameter
  • Holds both 5ft and 6ft Spring Loaded Slalom Poles
  • Fastening top for secure enclosure
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Made from heavy duty, long-lasting material
  • Carry bags are an easy solution for storage and transportation of training equipment
Simply Transport Your Slalom Poles With This Convenient Carry Bag

Slalom poles are a necessary piece of kit for any coach and as a large and long item, they can be difficult to store and transport. With this spacious carry bag, you’ll be able to easily take your speed and agility training to any destination.

  • Manufactured from a durable and weatherproof material
  • A spacious bag perfect for carrying Net World Sports 6ft and 5ft slalom poles
  • Features a convenient and bold handle for easy transport the set to and from the pitch
  • Can comfortably accommodate 16 slalom poles

The Slalom Training Pole Carry Bag offers each user an easy solution for transporting and storing training equipment. Each bag can hold up to sixteen poles and with an added sturdy shoulder strap that ensure that the poles are safely and comfortably secured, carrying your slalom poles has never been easier.

Designed to accompany the Net World Sports 6ft and 5ft slalom poles, this spacious carry bag is perfect for protecting your poles from damage during transportation. The strong and thick top ensures that the contents of the bag stay firmly in place, while also guaranteeing that you have full accessibility to your equipment.This compact carry bag is ideal for effectively storing your equipment and due to its heavy-duty weatherproof composition, this long-lasting slalom pole bag will last for years to come.