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Stop That Ball™ - Socketed Ball Stop Net & Post System

Semi-permanent Stop That Ball™ system with removable ground sockets. Used for a wide range of sports, the durable ball stop net is ideal for gardens & clubs. 12ft High with 5 lengths available.

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Socketed Stop That Ball™ System – For Multi-Sport Use

Stop That Ball™ System Specifications


  • Poles: 32mm diameter poles made from 1.2mm thick galvanised steel
  • Poles are powder coated black for added protection against rust & corrosion
  • Sockets: Manufactured from reinforced 600mm aluminium
  • Net: Crafted from highly-durable 2mm HDPE twine with a 48mm square mesh (edged on top & bottom)
  • Net features a knotted design for increased strengths against ball impacts
  • Net Colour: Black
  • Netting is UV stabilised for outdoor use


  • Ball Stop Net Height: 12ft (3.7m)
  • Lengths Available: 10ft (3m) / 20ft (6m) / 30ft (9m) / 40ft (12m) / 50ft (15m)


  • Can be used for a variety of sports
  • Ideal for sports clubs and garden use
  • The whole structure is completely weatherproof

Used across multiple sports – The Stop That Ball™ System (Socketed)

Whether you’re playing in the garden, or out on the training field practicing your techniques over and over again, occasionally you’ll get one slightly wrong and miss the target by some distance. It’s at these times where you may wish you had a net to catch your rogue balls, so you can avoid the long chase or worse, damaging a precious window. Well now you can have just that, as with this Socketed Stop That Ball™ System installed, you’ll have a net that will keep your stray balls in close proximity, ready for you to continue the sporting action.

  • Semi-permanent Stop That Ball™ System comes with removable ground sockets
  • System is 12ft (3.7m) tall once in the ground
  • Available in 5 lengths: 10ft / 20ft / 30ft / 40ft / 50ft
  • 32mm diameter poles are made from 1.2mm thick galvanised steel
  • Ground sockets manufactured from extremely durable 600mm aluminium
  • Poles feature a scratch-resistant, black powder coating for protection against rust
  • Black netting made from 2mm HDPE twine
  • 48mm square mesh netting is UV stabilised for outdoor use
  • Netting features a knotted design for added strength, allowing it to withstand maximum impact
  • Can be used for a variety of sports

All three key components of this ball stop net system have been designed to be ultra-durable. The 32mm diameter poles have been engineered from 1.2m thick galvanised steel and finished with a black powder coating for excellent resistance to adverse weather, rust and corrosion. The ground sockets are made from 600mm reinforced aluminium and they include a pry bar and metal cap, which allows you to install and remove the ground sockets using the screw system with absolute ease. Matching the posts and the sockets every step of the way when it comes to strength and durability, the 48mm square mesh netting features a superbly strong knotted design, allowing it to absorb impacts from the heaviest ball impacts. Crafted from 2mm HDPE twine, the black net has been UV stabilised, allowing it to be left outside all year round.

Standing tall at an impressive 12ft (3.7m), this Stop That Ball™ System will not only keep your stray balls close by but will also provide protection to surrounding areas. Gone are the days of broken plant pots and windows with this ball stop net system in your garden. Available in 5 different lengths ranging from 10ft (3m) to 50ft (15m), this net will provide excellent cover everywhere its used. Whether it’s the back garden or protecting the crowd behind the goal before a Premier League encounter, this world-class product will consistently perform to a high standard.

The benefit of this ball stop system is the fact it is semi-permanent. The ground sockets, which once in the ground are as strong and stable as permanent sockets, come with a pry bar which allows you to easily unscrew them from the ground when necessary. This ball stop net system is also incredibly efficient to set up and dismantle as once the ground sockets are in place, simply hang the net to the top of each pole and then slot the poles in to sockets!

PLEASE NOTE: This Socketed Stop That Ball™ System can be used for a variety of different sports including; football, tennis, cricket, GAA, lacrosse, baseball, rugby, American football and hockey.